Enzymes are playing an important role as regards digestion. They release precious vitamins>, minerals and amino acides. Every enzyme is responsible for a certain foodstuff. No enzyme can be replaced by another one. Sometimes the lack or absence of one single enzyme is the difference between healthiness and illness.

Pepsin is an essential digestion enzyme. It opens proteins in food and splits them into utilisable amino acides. Without pepsin, proteins providing for healthy skin, good blood supply and for strong muscles could not be utilised.

With the help of rennin precious minerals like calcium, phosphorus, potassium and iron are released to milk. Our human body needs these minerals to strengthen our nervous system, to have strong teeth and bones and to stabilize our water balance.

Your stomach needs salt acid in order to split indigestive foodstuff. Salt acid digests proteins, calcium and iron. A lack of an enzyme can cause serious damage to your health. A lack of salt acid for example can lead to an allergic reaction, stomach ulcer or malignant anaemia.