Why dietary supplements?

Vitamins, minerals, trace elements as well as enzymes are essential for the human body and they all play an important role as regards basic functions. However, our human body is not able to produce these nutrients except for some vitamins. So they are essential and must be ingested in from of natural nourishment or with the help of supplementary products so called dietary supplements.

Carbohydrates, proteins (which consist of amino acids), fats and water are further nutrients which are very important for our body.

Roughly speaking, you can gain all these essential substances by means of a balanced diet. Probably, this is correct. Only a few people can take this “right food” which must be adjusted individually to everybody's needs. There are various reasons for this ranging from environmental influences like stress above unbalanced diet to low quality of food.

Dietary supplements offer a good alternative to compensate these lacks or prevent them from developing. These products help you to close gaps arising as a result of unbalanced diet.