The word protein has its roots in the Greek language and means the first or most important.

Proteins are essential and should not be missing on any nutritional plan. Along water, proteins are the main component of our body. However, it is not in the position to store proteins. Hence, the need of proteins must be satisfied with the help of natural food or dietary supplements. The need of proteins depends on several factors. Some criteria for this are healthiness, age, and body size. Basically you can say the younger and taller you are the more protein is required by your body.

All body functions depend on a sufficient ingestion of high-quality protein. It is important for muscles, skin, hair, bones, hormones and primarily for a strong immune system. Our brain needs protein for concentration, good mood and interior equilibrium. This is the reason why protein is the most important foodstuff of human nutrition. An insufficient fulfilment of demand has a negative effect on stamina, skin and sportive capability.