Vitamins are organic substances appearing in small amount in all natural food. They are important for the regular working of our body and they cannot be produced by our body apart from some exceptions. Hence, we must take vitamins in our daily food or by means of dietary supplementdietary supplement.

Vitamins are responsible for our growth, our vitality and our well-being. A constant lack of a vitamin can lead to serious illness. For instance, lack of vitamin C leads to scurvy and a lack of vitamin D leads to rachitis. These are two examples of extreme deficiency symptoms which rarely exist nowadays. Indications of slight deficiency symptoms are much more frequent like for example symptom of fatigue, bad regeneration, diminished hardiness. This is only to mention some of them. Many people solve this problem by taking medicines. This is the right way for such cases in which the reason in not a lack of vitamins. But we are sure that there are some people who would be able prevent these problems in advance with the help of a balanced diet.

Deficient diet is in many cases the result of stress, hecticness, wrong preparation as well as ignorance as regards ingredients of individual foodstuffs. Moreover, a lack of fresh fruits and vegetables is responsible for a low amount of vitamins in natural food. An additional supply with vitamins in dietary supplement can compensate this lack. Thus, you can do more for your vitality and well-being.